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100 Notes | 9 and 10 April

Joseph Puglia, curator-in-residence

J.S Bach - Sonata No. 2 in A minor, BMV 1003, mvt. III (1720)

James Tenney - Swell Piece No. 3 (1965-71)

Jesse Broekman - Among all names (2016/19)

Richard Ayres - No. 53 (Trödelmarkt) NONcerto for Violin (world premiere)

10 composition students from Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag will create a 20-minute 'suite' exploring various concepts of virtuosity. Composers will include: 


Jamie Alpherts, Hugo Bell, Eva Beunk, Felix Cheung, Petra Cini,

Alexandros Gkonis, Pedro Latas, Tilen Lebar, Leo Lehtinen, Kasper de Oude, Nirantar Yakthumba

Season 2019 | 20

We are excited to announce that violinist Joseph Puglia will be Oerknal’s curator-in-residence for our 2019 | 20 season! Joseph has crafted an exciting program exploring virtuosity in musical performance. What constitutes virtuosity? What happens when a performer is pushed to the outer most limits of their abilities?


Works by J.S. Bach and James Tenney are presented side-by-side, examples of unique styles of virtuosity from across centuries. Jesse Broekman is a young Dutch composer of singular talent and ability; his duet Among all names for flute and cello is a virtuosic melding of texture and timbre, creating a super-instrument out of the two component parts. The highlight of these concerts is the world premiere of a new concerto for violin and chamber ensemble by Richard Ayres – Richard’s music is colorful, energetic and vibrant, exploring the traditional role of 'soloist' in ways both subtly subversive and manically extrovert.

As a part of this project, Joseph and Oerknal will hold workshops with the composition department of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. 10 composition students will create a 20-minute 'suite' exploring various concepts of virtuosity (melodic, harmonic, rhythmic, textural, structural, etc.) – each composer will craft a piece of up to 2 minutes in length using no more than 100 notes – pieces will be scored for various instrumental groupings, ranging from solo to nonet.

Thursday, 9 April - 20.30

Utrecht - Club Fluxus

Club 9 - TivoliVredenburg

Vredenburgkade 11

3511 WC Utrecht

tickets |

regular: €17,-

U-pas | <35 years | student: €13,55

to book tickets online click here


Richard Ayres' No. 36 NONcerto for Horn performed by Stefan Dohr and the Berlin Philharmonic 

Friday, 10 April - 20.15

The Hague - Korzo Theater

Prinsestraat 42

2513 CE Den Haag

tickets |

normal: €15,-

UITpas | CJP: €13,50

Korzo pas: €11,50

Profpas: €8,-

<27 | student: €7,-

to book tickets online click here

Violinist and curator-in-residence Joseph Puglia

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