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Digital Miniatures

DIGITAL MINIATURES developed out of a desire to foster creativity and collaboration during the height of the first coronavirus lockdown in The Netherlands. As part of this project, seven composition students from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague worked together with members of Oerknal (spread across The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and Cuba) to craft short solo pieces designed to be performed, recorded and released digitally. Videos of these performances, including short spoken introductions from the composers themselves, were released on Oerknal's YouTube channel between June and July 2020. At a time when basic concepts of mobility and human interaction were being upturned by a global pandemic, music allowed us to cross borders and bring people together.


The full series is featured below. 

Leo Lehtinen How Sauce Sounds

Christian Smith, percussion

Nirantar Yakthumba Sculpture 2

Lidwine Dam, viola

Hugo Bell YouTube Piece for One Performer

Gregory Charette, laptop keyboard

Jamie Alpherts Solo for Bass Clarinet

Daniel Boeke, bass clarinet

Tilen Lebar SONU ST ER

Susanne Peters, bass flute

Kasper de Oude Conversation for Solo Cello

René van Munster, cello

Felix Cheung Meditation I

Mariana Hutchinson Siemers, violin

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