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Dirt Road | 20 and 21 January

Aida Shirazi - One Day, The Bird Will Be Free... (2017)

Ashkan Behzadi - Morfismo plastico (2012)

Linda Catlin Smith - Selections from Dirt Road (2006)

Christian Smith, percussion

Jellantsje de Vries, violin

Season 2019 | 20

Oerknal presents a concert featuring intriguing and often unexplored repertoire for violin and percussion, based around selections from Linda Catlin Smith’s massive duo Dirt Road. Smith’s music is meditative and elegant, characterized by a depth of fragility of expression that is both engaging and affecting. Dirt Road is no exception; an hour-long collection of short pieces for violin and percussion, the music has a gentle, hypnotic quality – time itself seems to vanish into the background.


Music by composers Aida Shirazi and Ashkan Behzadi serve as a counterpoint to Dirt Road. Aida’s One Day, The Bird Will Be Free… is a scintillating work for solo violin, gentle and introspective. Ashkan’s Morfismo plastico is a virtuoso duet full of dynamic gestures and hard-edged sounds – the combination of marimba and violin pizzicato creates a graph of musical points, onto which a form of extreme plasticity is glossed. 

Monday, 20 January - 20.15

The Hague - Studio LOOS

De Constant Rebecqueplein 20B

2518 RA Den Haag

tickets |

€4,00 at the door

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 8.37.04 AM.png

Christian Smith and Jellantsje de Vries

Selections from Linda Catlin Smith's Dirt Road

Tuesday, 21 January - 20.30

De Link - Het Cenakel

Cenakel 1

5022 KK Tilburg

tickets |

regular: €15,00

student: €5,00

to book tickets online click here

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