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John Luther Adams - The Wind in High Places (2011)

Morton Feldman - Clarinet and String Quartet (1983)

Daniel Boeke, clarinet

Mariana Hutchinson Siemers, violin

Raphaella Engelsberg, violin

Lidwine Dam, viola

René van Munster, cello

Season 2017 | 18

Oerknal! presents a program of music by American iconoclasts Morton Feldman and John Luther Adams at the Soundsofmusic Festival in Groningen! John Luther Adams lived in Alaska for nearly forty years; the untamed nature of its landscapes, taiga, tundra, bare snow and ice formations inspire his uniquely minimalist sound. The Wind in High Places is a three movement piece for string quartet that uses only natural harmonics and open strings - played extremely quietly - to create a still, pastoral ambience. Clarinet and String Quartet by Morton Feldman is one of the composer's most beautiful pieces, a 40-minute array of fragile, repetitive, kaleidoscopic textures and extremely quiet sounds, all seemingly static. Feldman’s music – both in its length and non-linear repetitiveness – creates for the listener an experience outside of time.

Tuesday, 7 November - 20.30

Groningen - Grand Theatre

Grote Markt 35

9711 LV Groningen

Composer John Luther Adams. 

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