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Season 2014 | 15


Bart de Vrees - In my Room (thoughts about a possibility) (2010)

David Lang - Press Release, for bass clarinet (1992)

Steve Reich - Violin Phase (1967)

Sam Pluta - Machine Language (2012)

Michael Gordon - Industry, for amplified cello (1992)


conductor - Gregory Charette

bass clarinet (Lang) - Daniel Boeke

violin (Reich) - Mariana Hutchinson-Siemers

cello (Gordon) - Steuart Pincombe

The growing presence of industry and technology has left an indelible mark on music and music-making. Trends towards objectivity, mechanization, and technical perfection have dominated since the advent of recording technology and through the digital age. Musicians and composers have confronted these issues in a wide variety of ways.


In INDUSTRY (The Story of Power) Oerknal presents a cross-section of these "confrontations", including compositions by "Bang on a Can" founders Michael Gordon and David Lang, the wildly uncompromising Sam Pluta, and ecclectic Dutch composer Bart de Vrees. The concert centers around Steve Reich's "Violin Phase", pointing (perhaps) towards a more organic relationship between music and technology.


Oerknal reunites with video artist Chris Paul Daniels to create a visual and aural experience exploring the implications of creating machine-like music and the consequences it has for performers, listeners, and society.  

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