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Album Release - Narrow Numerous | 29 November

Ashkan Behzadi - Carnivalesque (iii) (2014/18)

Reiko Füting - tanz.tanz (2010)

Jason Eckardt - 16  (2003)

Nathan Heidelberger - My Hands Are Empty (2011)

Jesse Broekman - narrow | numerous (2016/18)

Season 2018 | 19

Five years, five composers, five compositions.


Join Oerknal for an evening of hapjes en muziek as we celebrate the release of our debut album Narrow Numerous on 7 Mountain Records!


The program will include performances of music by the five composers featured on our album. Ashkan Behzadi's Carnivalesque (iii) invokes images of a boisterous and demonic carnival celebration; tanz.tanz by Reiko Füting is an elegant violin solo that dances around the music of J.S. Bach; Jason Eckardt's 16, scored for amplified flute and string trio, appropriates the sixteen words that should have been excised from George W. Bush’s January 2003 State of the Union address: ‘The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.’ It opens with a virtuosic flute solo in which the phonemes of these sixteen words are pulled apart and intoned in a frantic, almost asphyxiated manner; Nathan Heidelberger's My Hands Are Empty is an explosive exploration of kinetic and potential energy; Jesse Broekman's narrow | numerous, the centerpiece of our album, is an intricate 20-minute masterwork that explores various instrumental techniques and ensemble sizes via an extremely concise amount of musical material. 


In addition to these performances there will be discussions with Frerik de Jong, executive director of 7 Mountain Records, and Jesse Broekman, as well as ample opportunity to talk and celebrate with the members of Oerknal!

Thursday, 29 November - 20.30

The Hague - Korzo Theater

Prinsestraat 42

2513 CE Den Haag

tickets |

normal: €16,-

Korzo pas: €12,50

Profpas: €10,-

<27 | student: €9,-

to book tickets online click here


Oerknal performs Reiko Füting's Weg, Lied der Schwäne

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