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Season 2014 | 15


Mark Barden - Chamber (2007)

John Zorn - Bateau Ivre (2011)

Lewis Nielson - ...the crisis of conscience when making war but the need is to make love (and vice versa)... (2008)

De Beren Gieren - two sets of original pieces


conductor - Gregory Charette

flute (Zorn) - Susanne Peters 

clarinet (Zorn) - Daniel Boeke 

vibraphone (Zorn) - Christian Smith 


De Beren Gieren:

piano - Fulco Ottervanger

bass - Lieven Van Pée

drums - Simon Segers

juxtaposition, n. - an act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast


Oerknal teams up with modern jazz trio De Beren Gieren for an unforgettable set of concerts! Opting for juxtaposition as opposed to fusion, we present two distinct, raw, and visceral musical styles side-by-side, creating a schizophrenic soundscape for the listener. De Beren Gieren will perform two sets of original material; Oerknal will present music by contemporary composers inspired - to a greater or lesser extent - by popular genres, including John Zorn, Lewis Nielson, and Mark Barden. The centerpiece of these concerts will be a new work created by Oerknal and De Beren Gieren, performed by the two groups simultaneously. Concerts in Paard van Troje's "State-X New Forms Festival" in The Hague and the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. 

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