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Season 2019 | 20

Turkey Residency | 15 thru 23 October

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Bilgi University | 15 and 16 October

Ege Mete Erdoğan - Giants 

Ege Mete Erdoan - Puffer Fish

Furkan Keçeli - A Thing From Nothing

Furkan Keçeli - Ninni

Can Memioulları - Meta-Morph

Can Memioulları - Re-Flection

Burak Öztürk - intishar

Burak Öztürk - self portrait 

Mehmet Emin Sarıalioglu - Remote

Ouzhan Subaı - Zayin

Yavuz Tilek - Px3’3

Ercan B. Ulger - Inner Game

Oerknal will be in residence at Bilgi University (Istanbul) working with selected composition students in rehearsals, workshops, recordings and performances.

Spotlight Concert: Tolga Tüzün | 18 October

Tolga Tüzün - It's about time (2015)

Tolga Tüzün - The pain they left behind melted into thin air and became the baseless fabric of what we call ourselves today (2013)


Tolga Tüzün is a composer of considerable talent and originality. Active in jazz and electronic music in addition to contemporary concert hall fare, his compositions are eclectic and visceral statements, often concerned with addressing various social and political issues. Oerknal presents a spotlight concert of Tolga’s work alongside selected pieces by various of his students workshopped in the previous days. 

Friday, 18 October - 19.00

Bilgi University - santralistanbul Museum of Energy
Eski Silahtarağa Elektrik Santralı
Kazım Karabekir Cad. No: 2
Eyüpsultan 34060 İstanbul Turkey

Bilkent University | 23 October

Anda Kryeziu - Time | Change | Rate (4th mvt. from "S-als Fußnote zu betrachten")

Emre Eröz - Palimpsest

Esaias Järnegard - Kuarup B (2013/15) 

Deniz Aslan - Moments from Silence 

Jesse Broekman - Among all names (2016/19)

Artun Çekem - A Night of Music in the Uncanny Valley, Part II

Oerknal will be in residence at Bilkent University (Ankara) working with selected composition students in rehearsals and workshops. This residency will culminate in a performance in Bilkent Concert Hall including works by selected students as well as pieces by Jesse Broekman, Anda Kryeziu and Esaias J​ärnegard. 

Wednesday, 23 October - 20.00

Bilkent Concert HallBilkent Concert Hall
06800 Bilkent – Ankara Turkey

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